It’s Funny How Your Views Change

If you had told me two years ago that I would be in a serious relationship, not pursuing my original career path or that I would warm up to the idea of having pet birds, I would have laugh hard in your face. However, here we are.

At 23, my view on certain things has drastically changed. I remember playing with my barbies at a kid and I would be an woman who had a great career. Plus, I had the husband and family. Women used to be respected for staying home and looking after their children. Now there are higher expectations to do both. I used to judge my cousin because her dream was to have children and be a stay at home mum. Now it doesn’t sound that bad and I respect anyone who does.

I had a vision in my head of how my life would be and it’s not even close. People always say ‘you can’t plan life’ but I ignored that notion as I love to plan things ( I mean just looking at my pinterest boards you can see I enjoy planning parties and preparing for future holidays). I even wrote a bucket-list and I can say I have ticked off a few aspirations. In other news, I did a work trial last week for an industry completely different to my degree and loved it. I really enjoyed my morning and I didn’t feel anxious being in a different role or place. I haven’t heard back yet but fingers crossed I get an interview. I realise after my tantrums of how my life isn’t going the way I wanted it to go, is maybe I was never meant to have some fancy desk job but instead, I would be in a role helping people.

Another thing that has changed is my view on Christmas. I have a complicated family life. Despite being a big and caring bunch, they can’t help but fight constantly. Whenever it came around to Christmas time,  I didn’t look forward to it the older  I got because I knew it meant split gatherings. As a neutral person, I was forced to attend most of the events and I would try to share my time equally. Last year was so much better as I was in love and I’m so excited this year that I have already put up the decorations.

Note: I have a huge fear of birds when my current partner told me he had pet birds, I made a face and thought ‘I should probably bail now’. Obviously I didn’t and they have grown on me. So much so that we adopted my grandma’s cockateil when she passed away in May.

I’m not complaining, I’m just fascinated how your circumstances can shape your ideas and people can change your views. Maybe I’m becoming wiser. It was just something I noticed.

Has anything changed your view on something lately?




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Entertainment: TV Shows You Need To Start Watching Now

Looking for a new TV Series to start? These are shows that I am currently watching and would recommend to others. Obviously, you may not find all of these shows appealing but there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.

Fresh Off The Boat

If you loved the 90s then Fresh Off The Boat is for you! The show focuses around an Taiwanese family, the Huang’s who move to Orlando, Florida. The show has tones of Asian related jokes and hilarious scenarios about being an immigrant family in America.

Scream Queens

Another great TV Series by Ryan Murphy (Glee and American Horror Story), Scream Queens is a horror/comedy about being sorority pledge. It’s Mean Girls meets Scream.


A show focused on training a new generation of FBI Agents but one of them is suspected of being a terrorist.

UnBreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Saved from her dooms day cult, Kimmy tries to fit into modern day New York.


A great take on Batman’s origin story. The TV show focuses on Detective Jim Gordon who is determined to clean up the streets of Gotham.

How to Get Away With Murder

Defence Lawyer and professor, Annalise Keeting is tested when her law students involve her in a murder plot.


Medical resident Liv Moore wakes up as a zombie after attending a crazy party that ended in disaster. She adjusts to the zombie lifestyle by changing jobs to work in a morgue so she can have a endless supply of brains. That’s where she discovers her new ability to have visions after eating the brains and uses to uncover mysterious deaths.

Jane the Virgin

What happens when you give an artificial insemination to the wrong lady? A pregnant virgin, a court case and plenty of drama that flips poor Jane’s life up side down.

Happy Watching!


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Festival time

Festival time

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Entertainment Review – Vacation

vacation_2015_movie-wideVacation is loosely based on the comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation  (1983) and now it’s Rusty’s turn to take the family on trip to Walley World. The film stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Grisondo, Leslie Mann, Beverly D’Angelo and Chevvy Chase. Going in to the cinema, I did not have high expectations. The trailer portrayed Vacation to be similar to We’re The Millers minus the drug smuggling. The whole disaster trip scenario has been played out way too many times. However, Ed Helms from the Hangover films is easy to watch and has hilarious one lines that he executed with no problem.

A very funny scene is when Helms had to explain what a rim job is to his son James played by Skyler Grisondo. When parents get asked super awkward questions like that, the only thing you do is lie your ass-off because no one really needs to know of such things. Basically, everything Rusty does backfires. I know predictable right? Unlike some films that try too hard, I felt like the jokes flowed, while some became ongoing such as the GPS settings being stuck on Korean. I know from personal experience that when Asians talk in their language, it can sound aggressive even if they are happy. So when the GPS would randomly scream Korean to direct the Griswolds, I lost it every-time.

vacation-movie-car-pointofgeeksThen there’s the rental minivan named the Tartan Prancer which has a two sets of side mirrors (back and front) and a range of buttons with strange symbols on them. What does the mushroom button do? Let’s just say the Griswolds definitely experience a trip that they will never forget.

Oh yeah, Chris Hemsworth also stars in the film as Stone Crandall, an up-and-coming anchorman. Married to Rusty’s sister, Aubrey, Stone is the attractive man with the whole package and is very old fashion. He’s all about getting up early and doing some decent farm work before heading out to the TV studio. Rusty is not the biggest fan of Stone and attempts to step up his ‘Man game’. One of the best lines in Vacation is after Stone walks in to the guest room strutting his stuff and Rusty claims Stone just wanted to show off his six-pack. That’s not exactly what his wife, Debbie (Applegate) was staring at…

Chris-Hemsworth-shows-off-his-ripped-abs--and-a-huge-package-in-his-pants--in-hilarious-trailer-for-new-movie-VacationChristina Applegate (Debbie) did an average job. She didn’t disappoint but she also wasn’t amazing. Debbie was your typical housewife that wanted more out of life and was eager to be one of those people on Facebook you envy for their travels. Unfortunately, Deb and Rusty were also in a bit of rut. It was fun to see Helms try to move out of his safe routine when it came to sex and shake things up. While Debbie had some secrets about her college years that Rusty had no idea about.

The best part of the whole film is the brother relationship between James and his younger brother, Kevin. I personally found it refreshing to see Kevin a boy years younger and smaller in size, bully his older brother. There were no boundaries when it came to annoying James (Skyler), including throwing a plastic over James’s head to see how long he would last before turning red. Overall, I was thoroughly entertained by Vacation thanks to the Griswold family. I laughed a lot and although, it could be really silly in some scenes, sometimes that is exactly what you need on a Saturday night.
Watch Trailer Here:

Note: Vacation is not suitable for children as there is sexual references and swearing.

Rated: MA15+

Why it sucks to be a child of divorced parents 

The first thing I will say is I took my parents divorce really well in the beginning. I was 9 years old and my older cousin told me that she had heard my mum was leaving my dad. I didn’t say anything and waited to see if it was true. It was. I remember mum shaking me to wake up, she was crying horribly and gathering our belongings from around the house. I casually got out of bed and helped her out. No reaction what so ever. However, down the tract as life went on I found (besides the two birthday celebrations) being a child of divorce parents sucks.

Oh so Awkward

Both of them like to know how each other is going (through me of course). Then I have to take into consideration what details I share. Telling my Dad that mum had a new boyfriend and that’s why she was moving away. Painful.

I’m seriously not looking forward to the awkwardness at my wedding. Mum will carry on about how much Dad contributes such as money and a helpful hand with tasks. While my step mum is going to be uncomfortable to see my mum.

The tension

Having tension in any family is not healthy. Unfortunately, for me that will never not exist one way or another. The actual divorce itself dragged out for around 3-4 years. It felt like forever. Both of them have spread rumors or spilled personal details of their relationship. Some of the things I have heard was scaring. I actually stopped seeing my dad for years due to feeling uncomfortable around him. He was so upset with mum leaving him and to be honest, I was never that close to him. Our relationship these days is ten times better because we communicate and he tries to be more of a parent.

I try to split my time and make an effort to contact both my parents. It’s been 14 years since they separated thank god, the conflict has calmed down and everyone has moved on. Fingers crossed she finds happiness!

My parents were never right for each other. They are complete opposites who hardly ever agreed on things. It’s a known fact you don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship if you’re not happy.

On a positive note: I get spoiled with love and attention. I do two birthday celebrations usually and when I was younger,  both parents would take me to see the Harry Potter films in cinema. So I got to see each film twice!

Either way you just have to accept and love them for who they are.



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