Hey guys, I’ve come across the HeyLets app and it’s been super useful. Do you ever google nice restaurants in your area? No need if you have Heylets. The app allows people around the globe to share only positive experiences they’ve had at cafes, clubs, parks, markets, sporting activities and more! Come on guys share […]

Entertainment Review – Vacation

Vacation is loosely based on the comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation  (1983) and now it’s Rusty’s turn to take the family on trip to Walley World. The film stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Grisondo, Leslie Mann, Beverly D’Angelo and Chevvy Chase. Going in to the cinema, I did not have high expectations. The trailer […]

How To Become Great At Giving Presents

Do you find yourself stressing out when it’s time to purchase a present for someone? Presents are given for birthdays, special occasions or for holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. It can be a small gesture, flowers, an experience or a specific purchase chosen for someone. Some people can’t stand shopping for others but […]

When is it okay to bring up the ‘M’ word?

I didn’t think I would ever be thinking about marriage but when you finally meet someone great, you can’t help but day-dream a little. So when do you bring up the topic of marriage? Some people prefer to wait until they have been dating someone for several months, while there are others who will be […]

Entertainment Review – The Best of Me

When someone mentions Nicholas Sparks a few things come to mind, like people getting caught in a storm, disapproving parents, beautiful water scenic views and attractive Caucasian actors playing lead.  The new film ‘The Best of Me’ was nothing short of all the typical Sparks elements brought to life for romance enthusiasts. The Best of […]