Entertainment Review – Vacation

Vacation is loosely based on the comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation  (1983) and now it’s Rusty’s turn to take the family on trip to Walley World. The film stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Grisondo, Leslie Mann, Beverly D’Angelo and Chevvy Chase. Going in to the cinema, I did not have high expectations. The trailer […]

Entertainment Review – This Is Where I Leave You

From the director of Cheaper by the Dozen, The Internship and Night at the Museum films, comes another comedy with heart. This is where I leave you doesn’t scream blockbuster hit but if you enjoy a nice story around family ties this could just be for you. Based on the novel with same title by […]

Entertainment Review – Let’s be Cops

  It’s another buddy cop film minus the actual part of being a real police officer. Let’s be Cops (2014) is directed by Luke Greenfield mostly known for likeable but not necessarily, great films such as The Girl Next Door (2004) and Something Borrowed (2011). The film features the likes of Jake Johnson, Damon Wayan […]

Entertainment Review – The Best of Me

When someone mentions Nicholas Sparks a few things come to mind, like people getting caught in a storm, disapproving parents, beautiful water scenic views and attractive Caucasian actors playing lead.  The new film ‘The Best of Me’ was nothing short of all the typical Sparks elements brought to life for romance enthusiasts. The Best of […]

Entertainment Review- Gone Girl

Gone Girl is the critically acclaimed film directed by David Fincher known for The Social Network, Se7en and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Also based on the popular novel with the same name by Gillian Flynn, who wrote the screenplay. Gone Girl is a thrilling murder mystery, covering issues such as financial pressures on […]