Five Things I Definitely Don’t Regret And You Shouldn’t Either 

1.Putting myself out there

I know people who are in their twenties and never had a relationship. Others have but are too afraid to try harder and get realistic. You can’t just find someone sitting at home and this was me for a long time. However, I decided one day that I wanted to find a nice guy and so I signed up to online dating on a few apps. It worked too!! We’ve been together for 1 year and a half, and it’s going absolutely fabulous.

2. Throwing away the old for something new and different 

Although this may be a simple gesture, a few weeks ago I threw away a pillow that I was holding onto because I’m super particular about what I sleep on. My new pillow is amazing and I fall sleep quicker because I’m so comfy!

3. Being honest 

Last year I started a job that I though would be promising but it was one of the worst experiences for me in the working world. The lady I worked with was loud, rude and smoked around me. It only took me a few days to be depressed from working in that horrible environment and I told the boss one morning that the job wasn’t for me.

4. Taking time for myself 

The best thing to do when life gets chaotic is to step back and have some me time. For me this means disappearing from reality and watching someone else’s life from a television screen. Other options are meditating, going to the gym, having a bubble bath,movie marathon, or window shopping can also be great ways to spend time alone.

5. Indulging in food and shopping occasionally 

There’s always going to be other certain individuals who will want to make you feel bad for spending money on a new expensive handbag or for eating that second cupcake. Sometimes you just have to ignore the haters and do what makes you happy (within reason of course).


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