Why it sucks to be a child of divorced parents 

The first thing I will say is I took my parents divorce really well in the beginning. I was 9 years old and my older cousin told me that she had heard my mum was leaving my dad. I didn’t say anything and waited to see if it was true. It was. I remember mum shaking me to wake up, she was crying horribly and gathering our belongings from around the house. I casually got out of bed and helped her out. No reaction what so ever. However, down the tract as life went on I found (besides the two birthday celebrations) being a child of divorce parents sucks.

Oh so Awkward

Both of them like to know how each other is going (through me of course). Then I have to take into consideration what details I share. Telling my Dad that mum had a new boyfriend and that’s why she was moving away. Painful.

I’m seriously not looking forward to the awkwardness at my wedding. Mum will carry on about how much Dad contributes such as money and a helpful hand with tasks. While my step mum is going to be uncomfortable to see my mum.

The tension

Having tension in any family is not healthy. Unfortunately, for me that will never not exist one way or another. The actual divorce itself dragged out for around 3-4 years. It felt like forever. Both of them have spread rumors or spilled personal details of their relationship. Some of the things I have heard was scaring. I actually stopped seeing my dad for years due to feeling uncomfortable around him. He was so upset with mum leaving him and to be honest, I was never that close to him. Our relationship these days is ten times better because we communicate and he tries to be more of a parent.

I try to split my time and make an effort to contact both my parents. It’s been 14 years since they separated thank god, the conflict has calmed down and everyone has moved on. Fingers crossed she finds happiness!

My parents were never right for each other. They are complete opposites who hardly ever agreed on things. It’s a known fact you don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship if you’re not happy.

On a positive note: I get spoiled with love and attention. I do two birthday celebrations usually and when I was younger,  both parents would take me to see the Harry Potter films in cinema. So I got to see each film twice!

Either way you just have to accept and love them for who they are.


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