How To Become Great At Giving Presents

Do you find yourself stressing out when it’s time to purchase a present for someone?

Presents are given for birthdays, special occasions or for holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. It can be a small gesture, flowers, an experience or a specific purchase chosen for someone. Some people can’t stand shopping for others but I love it! There’s something exciting about giving and going out of your way to show you care or acknowledge a life event/holiday etc. I’ve been told in the past by many people in my life that I give good presents. So I would like to share my personal tips so you can stress a little less but also give something thoughtful.

  1. Plan in advance your presents. When I know there’s heaps of events coming up, I buy my presents a few months before hand. I have a huge family so when Christmas starts to creep up, I put presents on lay-by and any birthday presents close to Christmas is bought WAY…in advance.
  2. Listen to people. I bet around a 100 times in your life you have heard someone say ‘I have no idea what to get them’. It’s because they were not paying attention enough to pick up things. Listen to your friends and family when they go on about what they may need or what they saw at the shops last week that really want.
  3. Ask questions. When a birthday is coming up and I haven’t come up with any gift ideas yet, I ask random questions. For example, “What’s your favourite TV show or movie?”
  4. Be straight-forward with people.Β There’s no issue with just coming out and asking the person ‘what do they want?’
  5. Be creative. Nothing screams I care about you like a scrapbook dedicated to a friendship or a simple picture frame with a recent photo. Go to the markets and buy a local artist’s work (possibly an artwork you know someone will like). Why not make a hamper? Knit a scarf?
  6. Check out their activity online. When people post up images or videos of things they are reflecting what is an interest to them.You may notice that one of your girlfriend’s are obsessed with the Kardashians, Aubrey Hephurn or The Hunger Games.Β  A great app for stalking some good gift inspiration is Pinterest!! Umm Hello…when your sister starts a board dedicated to jewellery, see if you can find pieces of jewellery that are similar.
  7. Give them an experience. Why not climb the Sydney Harbour bridge with your other half or pay for a weekend away to the gold coast?

Here are some of my favourite gifts I have given in the past: Personalized mug with photos, scrapbook, voucher towards a racing car experience, engraved charm, personalized quote T-shirt, expensive perfume, tickets to a concert, pretty couple pillow cases, designed a word collage inspired by famous couples (wedding gift), Thomas Sabo bracelet, alcohol (Always a win if you know what people like to drink), a jar filled with date ideas, dvd box set, a goldfish (with a small tank), gaming accessories, LUSH gift box, gold class tickets for the movies and the biggest cookbook with all essential recipes for any kitchen (Dad thought it was pretty awesome).

It’s always good to suss out if you know people part of fandoms, there is so much merchandise out there these days it’s ridiculous. Think: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Minions, The Hunger Games, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory, Marvel, DC, Adventure time, Glee, Ninja Turtles, Friends etc. Just check out the stuff online.

Jess x


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