When is it okay to bring up the ‘M’ word?

I didn’t think I would ever be thinking about marriage but when you finally meet someone great, you can’t help but day-dream a little. So when do you bring up the topic of marriage?

Some people prefer to wait until they have been dating someone for several months, while there are others who will be up front about what they want. Marriage, a house, babies and the whole shebang. I know a couple who discussed marriage and children on their first date, just so they were on the same page. I can’t imagine most people would be okay with such serious topics on a first date. I personally waited at least 4-5 months before I even brought up the topic. My partner did not show much interest at first and avoided the ‘M word’. However, it had nothing to do with me but was in fact related to his past relationship.

Relationship expert Dr Tammy Nelson told the Huffington Post “Once the year mark passes and no serious talk of marriage pops up, it’s likely that one or both will feel frustrated and may wonder if this person is ‘the one.'”

A huge NO-NO when discussing marriage is trying to pressure the other person in the relationship to speed things up to suit you. That’s what my partner’s ex did and he ended up resenting her for it (he bought the ring but never proposed). It can be such a huge turn off if you’re annoying someone to propose. Plus, if they want to spend the rest of their life with you then they shouldn’t need to be pushed in the direction of the engagement ring section.

Let your partner warm up to the idea of marriage and of course, make sure you want the same thing. There’s nothing worse than spending years together only to realize it was wasted. If he shows signs that he wants to marry you like saying ‘I see a future with you’ and you’re both incredibly happy then marriage is possibly in the cards.

Everyone is different. When do you think it’s suitable to bring up marriage?

Comment below and share your thoughts.


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