What it’s like to finally find someone great

For as long as I can remember, I was always the third wheel. Sometimes the ninth wheel. For someone who already lacked confidence in herself, my incredible bad luck with men was really getting to me.

At the beginning of 2014, I decided it was time I stopped waiting around. He wasn’t going to find me. Unlike the romance books I love to read, this was reality. I spent a few months trying out internet dating and going out clubbing. It was all part of my plan to live the single life and go on the hunt for a man.

As you would imagine, I came across a lot of sleezy guys and the moment they realised I wasn’t going to just sleep with them, they were out. I was on Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Zoosk. I had some interesting flirtations and plenty of rejection. After a few months, Β I had a weak moment and deleted Β some of my apps out of frustration. The dates I went on led to nothing and I thought I was better off going back to being my old self. (Someone who sadly crushed on friends because they were the only guys she knew).

Luckily, I redownloaded Zoosk and some where, my current boyfriend was on there. I changed my age range from 21-25 and explored the older guys in their late twenties. That’s when I came across a profile that was quite impressive. He was 26. A business man, who had some adorable photos of himself in a white tux drinking a martini. (That was so obviously bought just for the photo). Β Ben’s profile just sounded great and I could tell he was a nice guy. To be honest, I didn’t think it was going anywhere at first.

It took a while for Ben to get the courage to ask me around to his place but after a few conversations, he finally did. Ben cooked me dinner which was sweet. He was so nervous and through the whole movie ’21 Jump Street’, I could tell he was thinking about placing his arm around me.

Fast forward to the present. We are happily in love and celebrating our one year anniversary! I know what you’re thinking… One year isn’t that long. I know, but it’s been the best year of my life. I remember when I would envy all those lovely couples on Facebook who shared loving posts. All my close cousins always had luck picking up guys easily. Now I can proudly share my photos and every time I look at them, they make me smile.

I found a man who was there for me when my grandma passed away a few months ago. He supports my dreams, leaves me love notes in random places and tells me I’m beautiful everyday. He’s the kind of guy that opens the car door and swaps places with me on the footpath so I’m on the safer side. Gets along with my parents, dances silly to make me laugh and he can’t lie to save his life. Did I mention how lucky I am?

Well I am. If there is one thing I have learnt, it is love is important in life and I have changed for the better because of it.

My best advice I can give anyone is stop waiting and complaining about being alone. Do something about it! I would have never met Ben if I didn’t give online dating another go and it worked incredibly for me. Online dating may not be for everyone but just get out there in the world. Fall in love, it’s the best feeling and everyone should experience it. You could get hurt but you might also lose out on that wonderful guy or girl.


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