Entertainment: 3 Things I Love Already About TV’s New Show ‘Super Girl’

I’ve noticed TV networks follow trends on what seems to attract audiences. In the last few years, I noticed Science fiction, Zombies (ahhh…loving iZombie at the moment) and SUPER HEROES were totally in. I guess CBS took a page of the CW’s page when they decided to green light ‘Super Girl‘, since ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ has been such a success. Going in, I didn’t have high expectations but the pilot was quite enjoyable and Kara Zor-El played Melissa Benoist began to grow on me.

Here’s 3 Things I ALREADY love about the show:

1. Girl Power


You can say whatever you want but girls can be just as powerful as any man on the planet.

2. Kara’s costume is a modern take on a classic look.


Hello…Knee high-boots

3. Glee’s Melissa Benoist is the leading lady! Duh!


No she’s not singing in the show but did prove to have more acting range than she let on (in Glee anyway).

Don’t forget to catch Super Girl when it premieres on CBS November 2015.


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