Here Are 5 Things Only Katy Perry Can Pull Off

Katy Perry is the girl next door who shares the same name as Kate Hudson, laughs at herself and has broken Guinness World records as one of the best female artists of this generation. However, that’s not the only thing to be jealous over. Katy just knows how to pull off certain things so well and here they are:

1.Extravagant outfits/costumes

(image: stylenews)

(image: fanbuff)

Katy has worn some of the most memorable outfits, like her smurf dress or the Britney Spears inspired denim get-up. Let’s just face it, the girl has a great bold style and a quite unique one at that.

2. Dancing with sharks


When Katy performed for the Superbowl this year, she made sure it had everything from riding a giant lion, Katy gliding as shooting star and awesome shark back-up dancers. If this was anyone else, we wouldΒ probably think that it was a little weird.

3. She can change her to any colour and look good.

(image: popcrush)

From purple, green to pink, Katy seems to be able to pull off any colour. It looks hot every time too!

4. On point music videos

(video: youtube)

Katy must just know who to hire, the girl always has visually pleasing music videos with great costumes, a storyline and an elaborate backdrop. For example, ‘Roar,’ ‘California Gurls’ and ‘Dark Horse’.

5.Β  She’s living proof that being fun and quirky is sexy.


Katy Perry has never needed to pretend to be anyone else but herself. She could be wearing an ice-cream cone or be covered in green slime. Either way, Katy would embrace the moment and have fun.

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