This New Discovery Will Answer One Of The Biggest Questions About The TV Series ‘Friends’

When you think of the TV Series ‘Friends’, you usually connect the gang to hilarious jokes, over pronunciation thanks to Ross, dating in your twenties and of course, hanging out in a cafe drinking coffee.

You may have watched ‘Friends’ a hundred times and asked yourself, “How did these guys manage to get the good spot at Central Perk every time?”

Maybe Rachel purposely made customers sit somewhere else or did one of them always get there early to save the area. With more details or mistakes being noticed, it was only a matter of time before someone finally provided us with the answer.

Since the gang we’re such regulars at the Central Perk, the obviously answer would be: they constantly had the spot reserved for them. It’s common sense.

In one of the earlier seasons, the reserve sign can be seen here:

It can also be seen in many other episodes such as this one with Phoebe and Rachel:

And again here.

Mind = Blown. Mystery solved.

It’s these little things you never notice that pass you by, until you re-watch the episodes or you’re told by someone who clearly has seen ‘Friends’ way too many times. Although, is THERE such a thing?


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