Entertainment Review – Let’s be Cops


It’s another buddy cop film minus the actual part of being a real police officer. Let’s be Cops (2014) is directed by Luke Greenfield mostly known for likeable but not necessarily, great films such as The Girl Next Door (2004) and Something Borrowed (2011). The film features the likes of Jake Johnson, Damon Wayan Jr., Nina Dobrev (from the hit series The Vampire Diaries) and Rob Riggle.

The story follows two room mates: Ryan (Johnson) who came so close to a promising football career and Justin (Wayans Jr.), an assistant for a video game company. The two decide to dress up as cops for a costume party, only to realise it’s a masquerade. After ditching the party, they get mistaken as police officers and they begin to play on the idea of being a cop ( you know… catch the bad guys and become heroes). They also try shouting out “freeze” to see if random bystanders stop in their presence and joining in drug use on the streets.

For those who watch the television series New Girl, you’d understand why fans thought Let’s be Cops would be absolutely hilarious. It’s not entirely what I expected. The trailer made the film out to be a fun joyride packed with jokes but that’s only the first half hour. The guys manage pull off pretending to be cops for most of it. Ryan even manages to find a cop car on eBay, who knew? They also buy fake pistols, real tasers and discover how-to videos for being a cop that’s apparently on Youtube.

There is one scene where a big naked man is in a hardware store running from police and Justin tackles him to the ground. This meant the big man’s junk is basically inches from Justin’s face and his reaction admittedly was funny. Despite that, the writers gave us some lame material and it was a struggle to watch the whole film. As the antics continue, Ryan and Justin get a little carried away with being ‘cops’, by grabbing the attention of some mobsters who then come after the guys.


Although, I won’t deny there is chemistry between Johnson and Wayans Jr. as a team they work well and make the friendship believable. Probably because they’re close buddies in real life since working on the film and continue to with New Girl (which in my opinion is ten times better than this movie).

There’s no denying that Hollywood loves to spit out its buddy-cop films each year just with different actors. Unfortunately, Let’s be Cops does not live up to expectations and given the choice, I would say go see something else out at the moment.

 Let’s be Cops is in Cinemas now.

My original review is featured on Novastream.com.au


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