14 Ways To Improve Your Online Dating Profile Photo

My latest post on Dating With A Twist:

When scanning through people’s online profiles, photos can say a lot about someone. That’s why it’s important you choose wisely!

Here’s 14 ways to improve your photos and hopefully snatch up more dates:

1. This is key to any profile: ALWAYS have at least one image of yourself. Some people find profiles with no images, can be misleading or fake.

2. Don’t be a show off. No one needs to see your new car or see your selfie at the gym.

3. Share a photo from a recent holiday or trip. It demonstrates that you like to travel and be adventurous.

4. Choose your background wisely and keep it simple.

5. Don’t take photos from an high angle unless you want to show off your cleavage but just in general, high angle shots can look awkward at times.

6. Although, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, cuddling up to a animal in a photo can sometimes work.

7. If you are trying to find someone to date, having several images of yourself surrounded by women does not benefit you in anyway. Yes, the girls may be sisters or friends but we don’t know that. Women see it and can just assume you’re a bit of a ladies man (This works both ways).

8. Always provide a recent photo, not one from two years ago.

9. Smile to reflect a positive vibe!

10. Have your photos show different aspects of your life from social activities, family to work. This allows people on your profile to know that you are family orientated and caring. You also have a job you enjoy and in your free time, you like to have fun.

11. Don’t just put one photo up and it’d be a group shot, then expect people to know which one you are.

12. Avoid silly photos such as inappropriate gestures and drunken stolen moments. It doesn’t scream future partner material if you’re looking for anything serious.

13. Avoid using bad photo filters and instead pay attention to lighting.

14. Be yourself.

The list above is based on my own observations of online dating profiles. If you have any of your own tips please add them in the comment box!


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